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mercury in tooth
glyphosate spray


EMF reader

Today we are bombarded by toxins from our food, air, teeth, and even electromagnetic fields we can't seem to escape. 

So how can we deal with all of these toxic inputs? 

One of the most direct ways to combat these toxins is through homeopathics.  A homeopathic has the frequency of the toxin within it and no longer carries the actual toxin.  When you give your body this frequency, it acts as a signal to release the specified toxin.  Once it's released you need to bind and expel the toxin.  Most of the time a homeopathic needs to be taken orally for a long period of time (months). 

Santesmith uses applied kineseology and scalar energy so the correct homeopathics can be found and transmitted into the body directly within minutes (instead of months with just oral homeopathics).  Then the toxins can be bound quickly and expelled. 


As your body finds and expels toxins the efficiency of the body's chemistry and voltage improves.

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