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Health is a Commitment

Your body wants to be healthy, so give it what it needs.

Health is an ingrained feature of the human body.  Everything your body does is in response to your inputs and environment.  When the body's needs are met, balance is maintained equaling health.  The primary component to all this is voltage.  Cells need to maintain proper voltage.  Many factors play a role in cell voltage.  Fortunately focusing on a few key elements will allow the cells to maintain this voltage leading to health. 

Primary Components of Health

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Food, Nutrients, and Water

voltage applied through handle bars


Muscle Battery Packs and Body Meridians

Factors Which Influence Voltage

biomagnetic field


Emotions create static in your field which disrupts the flow of energy in your body


body scar


Fascia is the wiring system for the body and scars can cut through that wire

tooth decay


Teeth act like battery terminals and decay/corrosion inhibits energy flow

emf reader


Heavy metals, EMF, glyphosate, and viruses all act as toxins in the body



Thyroid and adrenals work together as masters of metabolism

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith


Meridian Analysis and Recharge

Biofield Tuning

Fix Scar Polarity

Eliminate Toxins

Ryan Smith

Santé = Health in French

Everyone has the right to feel good, so lets work together to find an approach you can handle because everyone deserves "santé."

“The day after surgery my groin ached as though I had been kicked.  I felt almost immediate relief during the distance session.  It's like the pain vanished."

W. S.

"I was having trouble getting work.  After I was tuned I felt a new sense of direction and the next day I successfully landed a high end client."

E. B.

“I was worried about my exposure to EMF in my house.  Ryan performed an analysis, made suggestions, and helped reduce our exposure significantly!”

C. M.

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