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Scars and Tattoos on fascia

shoulder scar
heart surgery scar
mainline back tattoo

If scars or tattoos are deep enough to penetrate fascia, they can drain body voltage and short out body circuits.  The fascia is a thin layer of membrane which surrounds the muscles in your body.  The fascia can be thought of as a wire which connects meridians and delivers energy where it is needed.  When a scar or tattoo penetrates the fascia, the strength of the voltage traveling through weakens.  This means less energy is able to get to the place it's needed. 


Think of it as the cable from the power lines (power company) coming into your breaker box of your home.  If that line is cut, the whole house no longer receives power.  Fascia is the cable your body uses to deliver energy.

Fascia extends all over your body, but the main fascia cable runs up the middle of the back and down the middle of the front.  Any scars or tattoos directly on the mid line can have more impact on overall voltage as compared to scars or tattoos that are off center.  It is very important to fix any scars or tattoos that could be shorting out your body circuits.  this can be done relatively easily by using muscle testing, an essential oil blend, and frequency specific scalar energy.

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