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Scalar Energy is where it all starts with my mushrooms.  Mushrooms are grown in a space which is energetically infused with subtle energies.  I use "Biogeometry" principles to insure my mushrooms are getting the beneficial energies of nature.  My grow rooms were built using modular proportion and powerful numeric numbers which repeat.  All this adds up to an incredible mushroom experience.

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golden oyster
blue oyster

These kits can be grown just about anywhere (no direct sun light).  After the kit has been fully colonized (white mycelium covering the substrate) they will be ready to pin.  This could take anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on the environment.  Keep the kit out of direct sun and mist around the opening of the kit daily where the pins (tiny mushrooms) form.  The mushroom pins will push the tape up or grow through the tape (behind the tape is a hole).  You will not need to remove anything from the kit.  The pins will grow (tiny mushrooms) and become fruit bodies.  Continue to mist (multiple times a day is great) but be sure not to allow droplets to form on the mushrooms.  You want a gentle glistening off the surface of the mushrooms. 
Once you are ready to harvest your mushrooms pull the entire cluster off the kit.  Try not to leave any fruit body as it will create a kind of scab and make it difficult for the mushrooms to grow out of the same hole.  Your mushroom kit will fruit multiple times from the same hole.  It is recommended to place micro pore tape back over the hole to keep insects (gnats and fruit flies) from getting into your kit in between fruitings.  If the fruit flies do get in, there’s no harm to your kit or mushrooms but it can get a little annoying.  You can get up to five flushes/fruitings (number of times mushrooms will grow from the kit).  Once the kit has been spent, you can remove the grow media from the kit, break it up, and compost it (worms love it) or put it into a planter/garden (mulch in the shade works well) and cross your fingers as mushrooms have been known to grow out once there!

The kits typically take about 2-4 weeks to fully colonize.  From there you will have mushrooms in less than 2 weeks.  This is all dependent on the environment, but in about a month you will be enjoying your mushrooms.  A new crop should grow every 3 weeks.

When your kit is spent (about 3 months) you can reach out and I can send you another kit!  To get the most out of your kit, you can build a small fruiting chamber by buying a small bin (big enough to put perlite on the bottom – 2 inches worth and have 5 inches above the top of your kit, so maybe 10-12 inches tall).  Drill holes in the bin and cover them with micro-pore tape, add water to the bottom of the bin and saturate the 2 inches of perlite on the bottom.  BOOM – fruiting chamber and your kit will love you for it!!!

Happy Shroomin’!

If you are interested in purchasing one of these kits they are available for local pickup.  All you need to do is email us and let us know how many and which kits you are interested in or visit the shop

The following kits are available now:

King Oyster
Golden Oyster
Blue Oyster


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I suggest using 1/4 teaspoon (gently loosen the powder with the top on by tapping the side) - scrap the excess off the top the the 1/4 teaspoon and add to your beverage or food for a single daily dose.  I recommend taking a break with all mushroom supplements, usually 25-30 days on and 7-10 days off to receive the maximum benefit.

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