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Scalar Energy is where it all starts with my mushrooms.  Mushrooms are grown in a space which is infused with subtle energies.  I use "Biogeometry" principles to insure my mushrooms are getting the beneficial energies of nature.  My grow rooms and lab were built using modular proportion and powerful numeric numbers which repeat.  All this adds up to an incredible mushroom experience.

blue 2.jpg
golden oyster
blue oyster

The Soul Fungi Story

sfa web4_edited.jpg

These kits have been a work in progress for years and have had many iterations.  It started with the idea of giving people something fun to bring home and watch grow.  Originally selling kits at my son's school winter fair, to farmers markets, to stores and all the while listening to people's input and trying to balance what they wanted with what was possible.

Transformational changes from bag kits, to biodegradable bag kits, to reusable buckets, to smaller bag kits, and now using minimal plastics and natural materials - 

finally landing on an easy 3 pound oyster mushroom grow sleeve, that lives in a house, can be changed out easily, and displayed on the wall or on a kitchen counter.

mushroom house
mushroom house
mushroom house
mushroom house
mushroom house

"The Mushroom House" - this hand crafted home will beautifully display your mushrooms while hanging on the wall or sitting on the counter top.  Made of natural cedar, built using modular proportion, and imprinted with a biogeometry soul fungi sticker.  It will support the growth of mushroom sleeves providing delicious home grown mushrooms.

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