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Evaluation (please contact for pricing)
There is a step by step protocol that we follow which starts to unlock your body's potential and gives clues about how to optimize your health.  As the steps are followed a natural flow of curiosity and understanding starts to develop.   The entire process usually takes about two and a half hours.  The essential parts to the protocol:

1. Checking your meridian system by using kinesiology (muscle testing) so that we can see which systems are out (heart/small intestine, stomach/spleen, lung/large intestine, gall bladder/liver, kidney/bladder, sympathetic/parasympathetic).
2. Using scalar energy to "reset" the body's main meridian systems so that the polarity is corrected and the systems will hold a charge.
3. Inputting microcurrent directly into the sympathetic/parasympathetic system to support the cranial sacral pump.
4. Charging the meridian systems using microcurrent so that all systems have the energy they need to work correctly.
5. Retesting the meridian systems using kinesiology to show that all meridians are back up to full power.

From this point forward a number of things can be addressed and most likely will become clear after the five steps have been completed.  We can work on emotions, scars/tattoos, or toxins.  I typically prefer to do a Biofield Tuning session the first time I see a client but am open to what makes the most sense.

In order to start clearing some of the body's stuck emotions we will use both Biofield Tuning and scalar energy together to remove emotional blockages.  This process can bring a sense of lightness as your body no longer has to spend energy on ignoring stuck emotions.  As the emotional "baggage" starts to disappear the overall cell voltage increases leading to a healthier body.

If a scar or tattoo is deep enough to cut through the fascia, it will most likely decrease your body's ability to move energy around freely.  We will test the scar/tattoo to see if it is draining your system.  If it is we will use an essential oil blend along with scalar energy to rearrange the molecules so that energy can freely move through the area once more.  

Through muscle testing we will find "remedies" that your body is ready to accept (to look at it another way, we will find the toxins your body is ready to release).  Once the proper remedies have been chosen, we will use scalar energy to input the remedy directly into the body.  This causes a destructive interference between the remedy and the toxin within the body.  Within minutes the body receives the remedy frequency and is ready to eliminate the toxin.  We will retest to make sure the remedy has been fully integrated into the body.  A regiment of activated charcoal will need to be taken to bind the toxins as they are released.
Detox Foot Bath with micro current frequencies and minerals could be provided to help drive toxins out of the body and minerals back into the cells.
Please call or email me directly for pricing.

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