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What do I take? 

Where do I get it? 

How do I know if I need it? 

These are all questions I had to ask myself.  I spent years going to the health food store and buying many different supplements.  I ended up having to swallow way too many pills. 


All of the supplements listed below, I use regularly.  They should be used together on a daily basis. 


I know it's hard to commit to products.  The upfront cost can be daunting and continual use seems like a headache.  There was a time when we got everything we needed from our food.  Today our food has lost much of its value.  Your body needs raw materials, vitamins, and minerals to rebuild the cells in your body.  All your cells are constantly being replaced.

body rebuilds itself

It is of extreme importance to give your body what it needs as this process takes place or you will be at risk for disease.

Below are some questions that can help guide you in your selection process of what you might want to start with first.  You may click on the links below each product name to get more details.  I also included the approximate cost of taking each of these daily.


Digestive Enzyme Formula

Are you depressed?
Do you get heart burn?
Do you feel sick or sluggish after eating a meal?
Did you have your gall bladder removed?



Lugol's Iodine Plus
Do you have bad digestive function?
Do you have brain fog?
Do you get sick frequently?


organic sulfur

Organic Sulfur (MSM)

Do you want to expel toxins?
Do you feel tired?
Do you want to aid with oxygen distribution in your body?



Humic and Fulvic Acid

Are you chronically ill?
Do you want to increase your cells detox functions?
Do you want to balance electrolytes in your body?



Diatomaceous Earth

Do you have at least one bowel movement a day?  If not, you may want to cleanse using DE.


If you were to take everything everyday (except the DE which is only done twice a year) then it will cost about $10 a day.  If you decided to use half the amount of the Restore, it comes out to about $7.  For the price of a fancy cup of coffee, you could greatly improve your health.

You can spend a lot of time and money trying to find high quality supplements on your own or you can order them from

If you would like to purchase any of the above listed products from me, you may do so directly and you can skip the shipping charge.  However, I encourage you to click the product links above and order directly from Tennant Products.

Here are some additional products that I support:

Limit EMF exposure -

The beauty products from
ascended health are amazing!

I have been specifically been using these two products for the past 8 years:

Tooth Paste -

Facial Regeneration Oil -

Defender Shield EMF
Ascended Health Products
Ascended Health Toothpaste
Ascended Health Face Oil
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