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tooth decay

Teeth are very similar to battery terminals.  Each organ set or meridian have their own sets of teeth that the energy for that meridian runs through.  Decay starts when that meridian system's energy starts to diminish.  Many things can cause this, but something that typically happens is when a child falls and ends up with a scar on their knee.  Shortly thereafter a cavity can develop on the upper rear molars (stomach/spleen meridian).  This happens because the energy supply to the tooth lowers as the scar is draining off some of the energy through the meridian.  This in turn inhibits the ability for the tooth pump to flush enough fluid out of the tooth and into the mouth.  If this activity is lowered than bacteria start to grow in the tooth as the flushing mechanism is no longer working at full strength.  As the bacteria takes hold of the tooth, the battery system drains off more, causing a need for the cavity to be removed and a filling goes in its place.  From here if the energy continues to drain off, the tooth then might need a crown, then as things get worse the crown becomes a root canal.  Now you are stuck with dead tissue in your body.  This dead tissue can become infected as the pump has now been completely removed.  This drains the stomach/spleen meridian even more and now problems with female and male reproductive systems start to manifest themselves.  This can range in severity.

We can work together and see which teeth or where infections may have taken hold in the mouth or jaw.  This can be done through muscle testing.  From here a trained dentist would need to examine a 3D cone beam scan to find these infected areas.  To treat these areas first the diseased tissue would need to be removed, ozone would need to be injected into the site, and finally the area would need to be packed with platelet rich fibrin and sown shut. 

The pictures below show the process.....

osteonecrotic bone
osteonecrotic bone with oil sludge

Osteonecrotic bone behind lower molar where wisdom tooth was pulled

Underneath top layer of bone, there is a "chicken soupy" oil sludge

Sludge removed and open bone cavity is exposed, ozone is injected

open bone cavity

Bone cavity has been packed with fibrin and sown to heal

fibrin packed into bone
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