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full body charge with handle bars and foot plates

Muscle Battery Packs and Body Meridians

A healthy cell maintains a voltage of -20 mV to -25 mV.  This allows the cell to function properly.  In order to make new cells the voltage has to increase to -50mV.  If the voltage drops to lower than -20mV or into the + mV range then disease can occur.  If an organ or center of the body has many cells with low voltage than most likely there will be problems.

This energy is maintained through a variety of ways.  One example is muscles.  Muscles generate some of this energy when they move (piezoelectric).  There are series of muscles that are grouped together in what is called a meridian.  These muscles are responsible for generating power and moving energy to specific sets of organs.

Voltage must be maintained in order for the body to be healthy.  Once the cause of the low voltage is fixed, the body should heal itself.

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