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biofield tuning

Biofield Tuning and Scalar Energy

Memories and emotions get imprinted together into your body.  Specifically into your biomagnetic field.  In order to understand how this field can be manipulated,  you can think of it in terms of a radio.  When you tune into your radio station exactly the station comes in sounding clear - this is the memory in the field.  When the dial gets knocked or the station tuner is not perfectly set to the station, you hear static - this is the emotion in the field.

If the station is not set correctly and you hear static, it makes listening to the radio uncomfortable.  You can eventually ignore the static, but at the cost of it being very annoying.  This is similar to your memory and emotion.  The memory is the exact station and the emotion is the static on either side of that station.  When a stressful event takes place the emotional static is there and you can eventually ignore it, just like you can with the radio.  However, as you build a barrier to put up against the emotional static, it wears on your body.  Adding to the additional drain on the body batteries.

There are ways to tune the emotional static out, so that we are left with just the memory.

Biofield tuning is one way to tune the emotional static.  Scalar energy can also be used.

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