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The little known element

When you consider the elements that make up your body, which do you think would make up the top 10?

Although it’s a question we don’t think about regularly, it’s an important consideration if you want to optimize whole body health. If your food is devoid of any of these elements imagine the impact. There are so many things to supplement your body with, but one substance that I have realized has some of the strongest impact is sulfur. Behind C, H, O, N - sulfur is the third single most abundant element by weight in the body. Sulfur is found in every living cell. Sulfur is needed for passage of waste and nutrients into and out of cells. Sulfur plays an important role in blood. So how come no one really talks about it?

sulfur element

Let me explain my relationship with sulfur and how I found this wonderfully important element in the human body.

Sulfur is found in food and throughout human history no one needed an additional supply, until now. With the use of glycophosphate, the presence of plant based foods containing sulfur has decreased significantly. Glycophosphate binds soil minerals so that they no longer are viable. Most mass scale farming uses glycophosphate so the plants they produce are devoid of sulfur. This along with compounding factors have taken sulfur out of our diets, so supplementation is needed.

When I discovered a way to consume sulfur in it’s raw form (MSM), I immediately found a source and tried the supplementation for myself. Here is a bit of what I experienced upon starting sulfur supplementation.

From the start I ended up taking 6 times the suggested amount of sulfur per day. The first day I remember going to a meeting and started to feel muscle soreness, starting in my lower back. By the next day my muscles were so overwhelming sore that I felt as if one of the worst cases of the flu had taken over my body. This was simply the detoxification of waste that finally was allowed to exit my cells in mass. I drank lots of water and bared witness to incredible aches and pains. I still went to work, but had to periodically rest and would be overwhelmed by muscle aches. I did experience mental clarity with these aches. My mind was so clear that I was able to predict what was going to happen next. During this time I was teaching my class of 8th graders and was so tuned in that I was calling out names and bringing them back to class in such quick succession that I don’t think they even knew what was going on. I felt as though I was predicting their next moves before they knew that they were even about to get off task. It was a day experience that I have not since replicated. I continued with the supplementation of 6 times the normal amount for a week, then I realized I was taking more than suggested and dialed the dose back. It took about 10 days and I finally felt as though I was back to normal. The next few months I experienced more energy than normal and eventually leveled out and the supplementation didn’t have any noticeable effects just maintained my current balance.

I think it’s important to understand that sulfur supplementation will equate to detoxification and that there might seemingly be negative effects for the first week or longer. Once your body gets rid of the junk that it has stored and your blood cells start moving more freely, you will only start to feel better and better.

You need sulfur that is “alive,” no matter the source you can find out if you have the right stuff with a simple test. Typically you will find MSM (Methly-Sulfonyl-Methane), once you have your product, place a small amount (1 teaspoon) in a clear glass. Dissolve it in a quarter cup of water. Dump it out and leave the glass for 15 minutes. If you have crystals growing in the bottom of the glass, your sulfur is “alive.” See your product for instructions. Drink a lot of water when you first start. Like 3 to 4 times the normal amount of water you drink each day minimum for at least a week.

crystalized sulfur

There is a lot of information which can supply you with the benefits of taking sulfur. One of the primary benefits is the ability to make nitric oxide when sulfur in your body is exposed to infrared light. Nitric oxide is a carrier for oxygen so that your body can distribute the oxygen to where it's needed. When you have little nitric oxide (low sulfur) you inhibit the ability of the body to transport oxygen. Less oxygen means less voltage (mitochondria lose the most efficient way to produce ATP - energy in the body when converting fatty acids to energy). Less voltage leads to unhealthy cells. Do some research, get comfortable with the idea, and try it.

This is a simple step you can take to better health. Your body wants to be healthy, so give it what it needs.

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