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Disease After C-section?

c-section scar

If you no longer feel “normal” after a C-section there could be a very simple reason and it all comes down to voltage. Think about how you felt since your C-section and consider if you have experienced any of the following:

stomach meridian

1. Cavities or issues with upper molars or lower premolars

2. More anxiety

3. Lower self-worth

4. Cancer in breasts, uterus, or ovaries

5. Collapsed uterus

6. Sinus pressure under eyes or puffiness under eyes

7. Vision problems at night

8. Macular degeneration

9. New food allergies

10. Brain fog

11. Memory loss

How can so many things be related to a C-section? Let me elaborate so that the picture becomes more clear.

central bioterminals

Let’s consider voltage first, why is it so important? All of the organs in the body need voltage, more specifically every cell in your body requires voltage to maintain biological processes (-25mV) and make new cells (-50mV). Some of the voltage that your cells need is generated from muscles. Every time we move our muscles generate energy (piezoelectric) or electrons. This energy travels from muscles to organs. In order to get there it travels through fascia in a loop around the midline of the body. Fascia is a semiconductor which lies between the muscles and skin. If you ever have peeled back the skin on a turkey to reveal a translucent/shiny layer which is on top of the muscle you have seen it. As the energy accumulates from the muscles and flows into the fascia, it makes a loop around the body to the ganglia (along spine) which then transmit the energy to organs and in turn cells. Along the energy journey, the muscle energy powers things along the way like eyes, ears, lobes of the brain, and the uterus. As you follow the muscles around the body they are linked up in a pathway or what we will refer to as a meridian. The pathway can be followed up the back of the body and down the front in a constant loop. In this case there are 6 systems that are paired making 12 meridians (gall bladder/liver, large intestine/lung, small intestine/heart, stomach/spleen, bladder/pancreas, sympathetic/parasympathetic systems).

Okay, what does this have to do with a C-section? Well, the scar that results from the C-section cuts through the fascia directly on the midline. You now have less energy able to pass through the midline, decreasing the voltage traveling from the muscles to the organs. More specifically, the voltage to the stomach suffers as the C-section scar lies directly on the path of energy which is being generated for the stomach.

So how does this impact all the possible symptoms or issues which are mentioned above?

I will go through each issue to explain how they are related to the C-section scar through the stomach circuit.

tooth decay

1. The teeth are like the terminals of a battery and in this case the stomach circuit has terminals in the aforementioned teeth. (The terminals are the upper molars and lower premolars.) When the energy is decreased through these terminals it shuts down the tooth’s ability to pump fluid out of the tooth. The fluid is pumped from the nerve into the tubules (think of them as caves) of the tooth. This protects the tooth by flushing out any bacteria that might want to live in the tubules. So as the pump weakens (it is no longer supplied by the needed amount of energy) the tooth is more prone to infection. As the infection festers the tooth terminal also contributes to the decrease in over energy of that body meridian, therefore compounding the problem.

2. and 3. The anxiety becomes a problem because the stomach is where this emotion harbors itself. If the voltage to the stomach is weakened, then the ability to deal with anxiety also weakens. The same goes for self-worth.

spleen meridian

4. and 5. The stomach circuit works in tandem with the spleen circuit. The reason this is important is because when you weaken the stomach circuit, the spleen also suffers. When you look at the muscles that are part of the spleen circuit you see that they are the muscles which also supply energy to the female reproductive system. If the energy to the system is inhibited, in time, it will negatively impact the parts of the system. Eventually the system is so depleted of energy that the body tells stem cells to produce more cells in the area to increase the voltage and oxygen to the surrounding area. These new cells become tumors which are trying to increase to voltage to the area, so your body is reacting to the voltage problem in the only way it knows. As the demand for voltage increases, the tumor grows. The only way to stop this is to fix the circuit. The same goes for the breasts as they are directly on the stomach circuit. Fix the C-section scar and the ability to move energy into these meridians greatly improves.

6. The sinuses under the eyes are powered by the stomach circuit. Now that the circuit has a lower flow of voltage, these sinuses suffer. The lower voltage could cause pain or aches in the areas under the eyes or even a runny nose.

stomach muscle battery packs

7. and 8. The macula of the eye is powered by the muscles that make up the stomach circuit. In this case the eye is not receiving the energy it needs to do its job correctly. If the voltage increases, the problem of macular degeneration can be overcome.

9. The stomach meridian is the power supply to the stomach. When we eat food, our stomach needs to make stomach acid. If this process is inhibited by not having enough voltage in the system, then the amount of stomach acid produced will decrease. Stomach acid is what breaks the proteins down to amino acids, so that they can be absorbed and used to make things like neurotransmitters (this can also lead to depression). If there isn’t enough stomach acid to do this then the proteins enter our body and are seen as foreign invaders. This causes our immune system to build antibodies to fight these foreign invaders. Now there is an inflammatory response to food you ate because the protein was never broken down. This is the reason for new food allergies and the sick feeling you can get after a meal. Your stomach has lost the ability to produce stomach acid.

stomach control of frontal lobe

10. and 11. The stomach meridian powers the frontal lobes of the brain. The frontal lobes are the thinking part of your brain. If the lobes no longer have the voltage they require to perform at their best, then often what happens is brain fog or even memory loss.

Now the questions are:

How can we test if the scar is impacting our body?

What can we do to fix the scar?

ring test

In order to test the scar to see if it is a drain on the system a ring muscle test can be done. Although in some cases, there may be a little more to it, I will give you a simple method to check the scar. First test your strength by connecting your thumb to your ring finger.

two finger touch

Have someone tell you to be strong and have them pull your fingers apart to see what you can withstand before the ring is broken (you are not trying to rip them apart, be gentle and see what it takes to break the ring). If you do this a few times it will give you a good baseline (each time tell the person to be strong). Next take two fingers of the other hand and place it on the scar. Have someone tell you to be strong and then pull the ring apart that you made with your fingers while touching the scar.

Because two fingers only covers an inch or so, do this across the entire length of the scar. If your fingers go weak along any point, the scar is a drain on the stomach meridian and you will need to get the scar fixed.

To fix the scar you can do one of two things, use scalar energy and essential oil to flip the polarity back to normal or if that doesn’t work use neural therapy.

Please reach out to me if any of this resonates with you so that we can create a plan.

Remember.......Your body wants to be healthy, so give it what it needs!

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