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Tuning Emotions to Promote Health


Memories and Emotions live in the "Biomagnetic Field"

As we live our lives, past memories are imprinted along with our emotions at the time, in what is called the “biomagnetic field.” This field surrounds your body (think of a sphere) and extends out from the center of your body about 3 feet to either side. When an emotionally traumatic event happens you can feel the energy in you change. Many times it can feel draining or just throws off your day. Sometimes it can even lead to catching a cold because your body’s energy has been drained limiting the ability of the immune system to fight off invaders.

These memory/emotional events get imprinted forever in your biomagnetic field. As they build up, they start to drain you of your total body voltage. It’s helpful in this case to think of an analogy to get a clearer picture.

Memories and emotions are similar to radio stations

You can compare the memories and emotions in your field to radio stations. When you tune into a radio station, the station comes in sounding clear (this is the memory). When the dial gets knocked or the station tuner is not perfectly set to the station, you hear static (this is the emotion). So on either side of the actual station there is static. If your station is not set perfectly, this static makes listening to the radio uncomfortable. You might eventually ignore the static, but at the cost of it being mentally draining.

This is similar to your memory and emotion. The memory is the exact station and the emotion is the static on either side of that station. When an emotional event takes place the static is there and you can eventually ignore it, just like you can with the radio. However, as you ignore the emotional static, it wears on your body and brings your overall voltage down. This can lead to you losing the ability to make healthy new cells and eventually to disease.

Body voltage required for new cells

For this to make complete sense, you must understand that your body is constantly rebuilding itself. For instance, the lining of the stomach is completely rebuilt in 5 days. Your body builds an entirely new skeleton in 3 months. Imagine as this process of building new cells gets the power cut off. It’s like a factory that makes cars. Let’s say that the power to the factory gets cut by 50%. The production will drop significantly and this may even impact the quality of the cars made. It’s the same with your body. Reducing the voltage limits the ability of the body to make healthy new cells just like a car factory loses its ability to produce new cars. There are ways to deal with these emotional drains and in fact re-tune the static (emotion) back into the station (memory) so that it no longer wears on your body.

Re-tuning Emotions

An effective way to do this is “Biofield Tuning,” a method developed by Eileen McKusick. Through biofield tuning, a practitioner uses tuning forks to change the frequencies in the biomagnetic field so that they are no longer a drain on the body. By eliminating static, the practitioner is able to clear up the biomagnetic field.

Another method is to use scalar energy and micro current frequencies. One example of this technology is the “biomodulator” and “transducer” developed by Dr. Jerry Tennant. By using his devices in the field an experienced practitioner can re-tune the static in the field.

A final example worth mentioning is the “emotion code.” By using muscle testing and a set protocol, emotions can be targeted for release. Each method deals with ways to lighten the impact of emotional traumas on the body so that one can increase their overall body voltage and start to reclaim their health.

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