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Importance of Teeth for Optimal Health

tooth decay

There’s been a lot of press lately relating to the fact that disease can be caused by teeth. If someone told you your teeth caused your back problems, weight gain, bladder infections, headaches, or even cancer you would tell them they are crazy. When in fact this may be the root cause. Let me explain by going into some details of what can cause disease and how tooth infections, root canals, or osteonecrosis of jaw bone can wreak havoc on the body.

spleen circuit

stomach meridian

At the heart of it all is the ability of energy to flow freely through the body. In order to do so, it follows paths depending on the organ system (meridians). For example your spleen/pancreas and stomach are on a circuit or loop. This circuit consists of muscles interconnected along the spleen/stomach meridian system (the pictures highlight the muscles in this system). Energy travels in this circuit up the back and down the front of the body. Muscles generate the energy through movement (piezoelectric) and this energy can be delivered to the spleen and stomach. There’s a bit more to the equation but for now let’s just focus on the energy flowing along the meridian in the body.

meridian tooth chart

battery terminal corrosion

While energy travels on this meridian it also passes through sets of teeth, in this case (spleen/stomach) energy travels through your upper molars and lower premolars completing the meridian or circuit. The teeth can be thought of as battery terminals. As terminals corrode, less energy is able to pass into and out of the battery thereby decreasing the life of the battery and efficiency of whatever the battery is powering. If you clean the terminal, the battery (if it’s not too far gone or reversed polarity) will once again take a charge and supply energy. The same is so for teeth. All disease must be removed completely, whether it be a root canal, dental infection, or bone infection. Only then will the tooth “terminal” fully allow energy to pass through the circuit to keep the organ system running at its peak. Otherwise it will act as a constant drain on the meridian system which eventually leads to disease.

Any disease or issues that arise from tooth infections typically happen gradually. As the energy is depleted to the meridian, most organs can function on low energy reserves for a period of time. However, as time passes the ability of the organ to operate slowly degrades until a noticeable problem occurs.

You can think of it like this, if you know your circuit breaker at your house will blow when you run too

breaker box

many kitchen appliances, you can still use the kitchen. You will just need to be careful of which appliances you run at the same time. This could be a real drag if you are planning on preparing a five course meal and are in need of all your appliances. It might work for a time, but eventually the circuit would blow and the preparation for the five course meal abruptly comes to an end. Your body behaves in a similar way.

If there is a tooth infection on the spleen/stomach meridian, your body may decide to make up for the lost energy by stealing some energy from its neighbor in the mouth, the liver/gallbladder circuit. This puts a strain on another system and may work for a while but eventually systems in your body will start shutting down and disease takes over.

In order for the body to stay healthy you have to take care of your teeth (battery terminals). Most of the time, once the infection is removed the positive effect can be felt immediately (within 24 hours). There are many dentists out there that adhere to the fact that root canals are a viable option. In 1995, Nagaoka published a small study on root canal teeth. In the study wisdom teeth were going to be removed. One of the teeth that was to be pulled had a root canal, the other was left alone, and both teeth were pulled 3 months after the root canal. The tooth with the root canal showed infection on 39% of the tubules in the tooth, the tooth left alone had a 1% infection rate. Molars have about 3 miles of tubules within them, so that means that over a mile of tubules were infected after only 3 months of having a root canal!

wisdom tooth before and aftert root canal

When you have a root canal, the nerve is removed and the tooth is now dead. When this happens, the tooth pump shuts off and no longer pushes fluid from the inside to the outside of the tooth. Now you have miles of tubules that are not regularly flushed out, these spaces are ideal for bacteria and infections to grow. From there it can go into the bone and even move to neighboring teeth.

tooth infection getting into bone

It’s hard to know if there is an infection in bone or if your root canal is infected and draining your meridian energy systems. One way to test to see if these are a drain on your energy system is through muscle testing.

tooth infection muscle test

If you test weak it’s a good indication that there is an infection. The best thing you can do is get a 3D cone beam scan that a specialist can examine to get a clear idea of any infection. It’s essential that you find someone who is well versed in reading the scan as most dentists are not sure what to look for. One of the best dentists in evaluating these scans is Dr. Steve Evans at Healthier Smiles in Texas. Once you know what you’re dealing with, you can set up a plan to remove the infection to regain control of your health.

Remember, your body wants to be healthy, so give it what it needs!

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